Huawei Cancels Matebook X Pro Launch Over Trade Blacklisting by US

Huawei Cancels Matebook X Pro Launch Over Trade Blacklisting by US

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Huawei has cancelled its upcoming launch event for their newest laptop due to its being placed on the US trade blacklist several weeks ago.

Huawei Cancels Matebook Launch over Blacklisting

In the first launch cancellation related to being placed on the US Government's "Entity List," Huawei has scrapped the launch of its Matebook X Pro laptop, telling CNBC that "We cannot supply the PC."


First reported by The Information, Huawei had been planning on launching its latest Matebook laptop earlier this week, but being placed on the US trade blacklist implicated the device, which runs Microsoft Windows and is powered by Intel technology. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer division, told CNBC that when the device will launch "depends on how long the Entity List will be there," possibly even preventing the launch entirely if the blacklisting drags out for an extended period of time.

No Huawei smartphone launch has been affected yet, but given the reliance on US technology that exists in the smartphone component supply chain, the longer the blacklisting remains, the more likely Huawei smartphone launches will also be affected in the future.

Watch the video: The Huawei Windows MacBook Pro (May 2022).


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