TikTok Parent Company Bytedance Reportedly Working on Its Own Smartphone

TikTok Parent Company Bytedance Reportedly Working on Its Own Smartphone

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Bytedance, the incredibly successful Chinese start-up responsible for bringing the world the popular TikTok video messaging app, is reportedly in the process of making their own smartphone that will have their apps built in.

TikTok Maker Bytedance Looking to Make Smartphone Hardware

It's not often that you hear of a company that is known for its software making the jump into producing hardware, but it's not unheard of as a rule. If any company has a decent shot at making the transition though, it would be Beijing-based Bytedance. The Chinese start-up, one of the most valuable in the world currently, rode to popularity on the strength of its video messaging app, TikTok, one of the few services that has burst the borders of mainland China and found a global audience.


According to the Financial Times, sources have been talking more and more about Bytedance's plans to roll out it's own smartphone device with pre-installs of its software, a common technique used by Chinese companies to expand their user base. The push for new users isn't just about about expansion. After years of growth, Bytedance missed its revenue goals last year for the first time ever.

Bytedance wouldn't be the first Chinese software company to move towards selling stripped-down hardware that features their apps prominently from the moment you power on the device. Selfie app maker Meitu, a predecessor to Bytedance in the Chinese tech economy, has been building smartphones that come preloaded with the company's software offerings, including their suite of photography editing software. Meitu sold this portion of its business to fellow Chinese firm Xiaomi as they look to expand their customer base.

Watch the video: Tik Tok mobile. Tik Tok parent company bytedance launched smartphone. smartisan jianguo pro 3 (July 2022).


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