Learn MATLAB and Conquer Machine Learning with This Training Bundle

Learn MATLAB and Conquer Machine Learning with This Training Bundle

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It should come as no surprise that we’re living in the era of Big Data and machine learning—both of which act as the primary driving forces behind some of the most important and exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations of our time.

From self-driving cars and surgical robots to Google search algorithms and home automation systems, massive sets of data are being harnessed by both small startups and international conglomerates in order to alter the technological landscape and improve our lives, and our reliance on these technologies is only going to grow in the upcoming years.

This means that if you want to land the best and most important careers of both today and tomorrow, you need to have an understanding of how to work with and analyze massive data sets in order to build the products and services that will continue to alter the future.

If you’ve never worked in tech (let alone in any of the various subfields that rely on large-scale data manipulation), this can sound like an insurmountable challenge. But the good news is that you don’t need to sit for years in a traditional classroom to get the skills you need to break into the field.

The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle will help you learn MATLAB, one of the most powerful and renowned programs in the increasingly lucrative world of data science and machine learning, and the entire bundle is currently available for over 90% off at just $35.

What is MATLAB?

Used in virtually every type of data-driven science—from physics and chemistry to engineering and robotics—MATLAB is a go-to resource for individuals and companies that want to gain valuable insights from seemingly complex data sets.

It acts as a multi-paradigm numerical computing platform that integrates a wide range of visual interfaces with a series of programming languages (including C, C++, C#, Java, Fortran, Python, and more) in order to accurately predict future outcomes in disciplines ranging from science and engineering to economics and even the humanities.

An additional package known as Simulink adds an even greater and more advanced layer of graphical multi-domain simulation, which can be used to build stunningly realistic models as well as dynamic and embedded systems in a variety of environments.

This platform can understandably be intimidating to first-time users, especially those who lack a fundamental background in the engineering and data sciences, but this need not be the case.

Through five courses and over 180 lessons, this extensive training utilizes real-world examples and familiar exercises to help you learn MATLAB.

Here’s what you’ll get

If you’re coming to MATLAB with little to no experience in data science or machine learning, we recommend starting with the Machine Learning For Data Science Using MATLAB course, which offers an intuitive feel for the science behind Siri and other major AI innovations that have altered the trajectory of technology.

There’s a series of hands-on, beginner-friendly modules in this course that cover clustering and classification algorithms—two essential machine learning concepts that help computers organize the multitudes of data they receive from users and machines.

With the essentials under your belt, you’ll be able to move on to Machine Learning Classification Algorithms Using MATLAB, which offers a much deeper look at how machines work with and classify a wide array of information. You’ll learn how to implement classification algorithms using MATLAB, engage in Discriminant Analysis, work with key algorithms that can be used to solve large-scale problems while drastically cutting down on your work time, and much more.

There’s also extensive instruction that teaches you how to build every-day practical devices. In Model A Car & Design A PID Controller In MATLAB + Simulink, for instance, you’ll learn how to build your very own cruise control system for a Tesla Model S—through instruction that walks you through both the theoretical and physical elements of how AI is used to transform these types of systems in the real world.

Next, in the MATLAB & Simulink Bible: Zero To Hero course, you’ll begin to solidify your new knowledge by learning how to build ten of your modeling projects from scratch. This course will teach you how to run simulations of a project in real-time, implement coding structures that can add functionality to your build, enhance existing projects by adding visual effects and graphics, and much more.

There’s even a module that teaches you how to integrate MATLAB with Microsoft Excel, which can drastically enhance the functionality of Excel by allowing you to take advantage of thousands of customized mathematical and advanced analysis functions, flexible visualization tools, and scripts that will allow you to automate a virtually limitless number of important tasks. Being able to leverage the tools you already use with a supercharged platform when you learn MATLAB will greatly accelerate your workflow and help you reach better insights faster.

The future of technology is undoubtedly turning more and more toward machine learning, AI, and data science when it comes to product and service innovation, and you don’t want to get left behind during perhaps the greatest and most transformational tech revolution of our time.

So instead of investing thousands of dollars and just as many hours in a traditional computer science or engineering degree to stay competitive as these technologies advance, you can instead learn how to work with one of the field’s most important and sought-after tools with the Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle. It just may be your ticket to a lucrative new career.

Usually priced at $549, this extensive training is currently available for over 90% off at just $35 for a limited time.

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