7 Problems with Foldable Phones That Can Not Be Ignored

7 Problems with Foldable Phones That Can Not Be Ignored

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There's been much talk and hype related to foldable phones in the last week and rightly so. After Samsung announced its Galaxy Fold and Huawei came out with the Mate X, there was much to be excited about.


However, foldable phones come with several issues, some that can not be ignored. We don't want to rain on anyone's parade but we had to give you a list of these problems.

1. They crease

Yes, we know Huawei used patented technology that makes its screen lie completely flat but still anything that folds will somehow crease. This may not be a deal breaker but most of the things that you want to be done on a large flat screen, such as watch a movie, are better done on an actual flat surface such as a tablet.

2. They're bigger

Let's face it we want our phones to be small. Why? Because we need to carry them everywhere we go. Sure both Samsung and Huawei claim their phones are as thin as can be but they will never be as thin as regular phones.

$AAPL New Samsung Fold $

— Skevaboy (@SkevaBoy) February 21, 2019

3. They're kind of useless

In all the hype and frenzy, we forgot to ask: does anyone really need a foldable phone? Think about it. What can you really do on a slightly bigger smartphone screen? Anything you name is surely something you would use a tablet for.

There is the argument that a foldable phone can serve as a tablet on the go. However, is that something you really need? Are there tablet emergencies? Likely not.

4. They're pricey

With the technology that has gone into building these phones, they are obviously pricey. Galaxy Fold goes for $1,980 while the Mate X starts at $2,600. The problem is that the extra cost can not be justified as illustrated in our three previous points.

Super huge screen, doesn't come with a stylus.... Wants $2000

— AHughes Comic (@idestroyed) February 21, 2019

5. They might be a little too much

Both Samsung and Huawei went all out with these latest models putting in several cameras. The Galaxy Fold comes with six cameras and the Mate X with four. However, so far the only advantages we can see is Huawei's mirror camera that allows you to see a picture as it is being taken. The rest of the camera features just make us confused as to their purpose.

Perfect your pose. Mirror shooting lets you see your picture as it's being taken.

— Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) February 24, 2019

6. Mate X comes only in 5G

Huawei claims its phone combines the world’s first 7nm 5G multi-mode modem, the Balong5000, with the Kirin980 for unrivaled speed. That's all good until you consider most of us are still stuck with 4G for now.

7. They're bound to have more issues

Foldable phones are completely new to the market and that means that in time they will have their own quality control issues. What might those be? We will have to wait and see but we will surely see.

Having said all this we still want to get our hands on one of those bad boys and it seems everyone else does too. Foldable phones might be here to stay as even Apple filed a patent for its own device: the iPhone X Fold. We must admit we are curious to see how this last model will be.

Watch the video: Can a Folding Phone Bend Both Ways?! - Bend Test! (June 2022).


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